If you are looking for a unique and out of the box experience at your event, we offer the following Live Event Art options:



1.  Live Event DIGITAL Painting is created on iPad and projected on a large LDH screen for guests to watch it unfold.  Copies of the painting can be printed onsite or emailed to the participants.  This is great for Trade Shows, special events, product launch, grand openings, big city events, weddings, and more. 


2.  Live Event DIGITAL Fashion and Portrait sketches.   Pictures are drawn on iPad while guests watch the pictures unfold on a llarge monitor.  Pictures can be printed onsite for the guests to take home as keepsakes, or emailed to them at the event.




3.  Live Event TRADITIONAL Painting is painted on a large canvas, while guests stand around and watch it unfold over the course of the event.  If it's a wedding or special celebration, usually the painting is finished by the end of the event (or few days later after it's touched up at the studio) and then presented to the client.  If it's a funrasing or promotional event, live event painting is often auctioned off at the end of the event to the highest bidder.    


4.  Live Event TRADITIONAL Fashion and Portrait sketches.  They can be drawn on branded paper to promote your company  or a special occasion.  Pictures can be drawn on special art paper in watercolors, inks, pastels, or chalk.  Paper can be branded with your logo or a special message.  







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