Austin Live REMOTE and Event Digital Caricatures


Are you, your family or your employees stuck at home due to Corona virus shelters-in place?  No worries! 
Beat boredom and depression and cheer up with fun Remote Virtual Live Digital caricatures!   You don't have to leave your house, the digital artist can draw you or your family or guests or employees live virtually, while you or your guest, family member or employee watches the image develop right in front of you on the monitor in a comfort of your home or business.   The finished caricature is then emailed to you on-the-spot.   
Whether it's a Live gathering or a Virtual party, Digital caricatures bring a big 'WOW' factor to any event!  Digital caricatures are very interactive, they keep guests entertained for hours.  Now in the days of shelters-in place in many cities due to Covid-19, and live events being cancelled, you can still book a Live digital artist entertainment.  We event draw PET caricatures!    This is a great way to entertain at home gatherings, or reward your employees who are working from home.  Possibilities with remote digital caricatures are limitless. 
All you need is an internet connection, a monitor or a laptop with a webcam, and a printer (optional).   Digital caricatures only take minutes.  Artist will interact with or your guests through a video conferencing software.  A logo or special text can be added on the digital templates.

 We serve Austin and surrounding cities, and any city worldwide

Please contact CONTACT us for a custom quote and more information. 




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